Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies in India

highest-grossing Hollywood movies in India

Bollywood Movie Review presents the List of top 10 highest-grossing Hollywood movies in India. In this list, we share the collection of Hollywood movies in India only with their name and release dates in India.

Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies in India

Movie NameRelease DateCollection in India
The Jungle Book2016$26 m
Furious 72015$24.8 m
Avatar2009$24.21 m
The Jurassic World2015$23 m
Avengers Age of Ultron2015$16.8 m
Spiderman 3 2007 $16.40 m
2012 2009 $15.62 m
The Amazing Spiderman 2012 $14.54 m
The Amazing Spiderman 2 2014$13.60 m
Life of Pie 2012 $13.32 m


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