Jassi Gill Songs – All Latest Punjabi Single Tracks, Albums and Videos


Jassi Gill the Punjabi singer and actor who appears in some Punjabi movies and sung many hit Punjabi Songs, Single Track and Video songs in Punjabi language. In this post we will discuss about Jassi Gill songs list, single tracks and latest Punjabi songs videos of him.

Jassi Gill full name is Jasdeep Singh Gill was born in Punjab and belongs to Sikh family. Gill had no inclination to become a singer but Jassi was trained and pushed Jassi for youth festivals where he came second 4 times in a row.

Jassi Gill made his debut in music industry in 2011 with the album Batchmate which went on to become an instant success with the hit song “Chudiyan”. Next year He released Batchmate 2 which went on to become an even bigger hit than the previous album and his song Lancer Lyrics by Narinder Batth.

After these two hit album, Jassi Gill launch Classmate song that featured in the movie Daddy Cool Munde Fool and next that featured in the movie Daddy Cool Munde Fool. He launched another hit album Nakhre after couple of month and now Jassi Gill become hit song machine in Punjabi music industry.

Jassi Gill made his acting debut on the big screen with Mr & Mrs 420 and then he followed this up in Dil Vil Pyar Vyar.

Jassi Gill Songs

jassi gill songs

Let’s have a look at the all Jassi Gill songs list also single track or video songs are given below for his fans or Punjabi songs fans.

  • Gabbroo
  • Nakhre
  • Bapu Zimidar
  • Att Karti
  • Dill Tutda
  • Laden
  • Yaar Jatt De
  • Tamanna Meri
  • Fer Ohi Hoyea
  • Snapchat
  • Tera Pyar
  • Pyar Mera
  • Ik Saal
  • Chitiyan Kalayian
  • Teri Je Na Hoyi
  • Borunvita
  • Naina Nu
  • Aazma
  • Vich Pardesan
  • Lancer
  • Jhumke
  • Youngster Retruns
  • 3 Saal
  • Gaati Gutti
  • Rashifal
  • Gal Sun Lai
  • Bull Gulabi
  • Sochi Na