Compare Raees vs Kaabil Movie Review by All Critics

Raees vs Kaabil Movie Review

Raees vs Kaabil Movie Review –  In this post, we compare Raees and Kaabil movie review given by all top Hindi Film critics like Rajeev Masand, Taran Adarsh, Komal Nahata, Raja Sen, Anupama Chopra, Kamal R Khan etc at here one on the place.


Raees Movie Reviews


1.) Rating:4/5. Review by Taran Adarsh on Bollywood Hungama

On the whole, RAEES is a sure-shot hit. To state that SRK is sensational would be an understatement. The love, adulation and stardom that he attained in his early films will be showered on him yet again in RAEES. A few more factors contribute too: Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s winning act, the aimed-at-masses written material and of course, the gripping finale. As far as the BO is concerned, there’s no stopping this one. An outright winner. Just don’t miss it!


2.) Rating:3.5/5. Review by Nihit Bhave on Times of India

The first half is well-paced; it draws you in and makes you root for the bootlegger; Majmudar’s one-liners and the music whet your appetite and the Laila Main Laila sequence ups the ante. But the second half plunges into a weird Robin Hood zone where the antihero’s morals are suddenly defibrillated and he becomes a messiah. The movie takes a rough path there on, and the long runtime makes the ride bumpier. The movie can feel a bit long, but if you’re going for a great Shah Rukh performance and some good ol’ popcorn entertainment, it might just ‘raees’ to the occasion.


3.) Rating: 2.5/5. Review by Shubhra Gupta  on Indian Express

Shah Rukh Khan returns in and as Raees, a golden hearted mobster who does bad things for a good cause. It is a role constructed to grab back his pole position, and to that end Shah Rukh Khan strains at fulfilling every single point of the In and As trope. He sings and dances, he fights and romances: he also tries to fulfill the outlines of a character.


4.) Rating: 2/5. Review by Sarit Ray on Hindustan Times

As an actor, SRK brings to Raees his usual screen presence. But also something that has shades of his early career: the ability to play the menacing anti-hero, with a simmering, all-consuming anger. You must also give the man credit for powering through the dance and action routines at 51.


5.) Rating:4/5. Review by Rohini Nair on First Post

What a fine, fine performance this is by Shah Rukh Khan — possibly a career best. And what a fine, fine film this is by Rahul Dholakia. Its triumph is that it brings the best of ‘Bollywood’ — the sheer entertainment and glamour and scale of it — to a gripping story. What it’s attempting is most evident in a scene where Raees (Shah Rukh) is juxtaposed against an image of Amitabh Bachchan in his ‘angry young man’ avatar on a movie screen.


6.) Rating: 2.5/5. Review by Sreeju Sudhakaran  on Bollywood Life

As a movie, Raees is definitely a letdown especially for those who expect a Deewar-like dhamakedaar masala movie. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan might give the movie its huge initial but don’t expect the road ahead to be a smooth ride. And warning for all superstars – acting with Nawazuddin Siddiqui is injurious to your own dramatic talents – he can steal your glory right from under your nose.


7.) Rating:3.5/5. Review by Surabhi Redkar on Koimoi

Raees is a complete package of action, romance, and drama. A wholesome entertainer of sorts. Raees is certainly a one-time watch. With Shah Rukh Khan in lead, many may not need me telling them to watch it. Also, Nawaz is a complete show-stealer here!



Kaabil Movie Review


1.) Rating:4/5. Review by Taran Adarsh on Bollywood Hungama

On the whole, KAABIL is gripping, gut-wrenching and is likely to stay with you for a long time. Now that DANGAL has almost exhausted its run at the ticket windows, the box-office is quiet and subdued and KAABIL should have no difficulty filling seats at cineplexes, despite a strong opponent releasing alongside. Rich in merits, this film has the power and potential to emerge a success story at the box-office. Highly recommended!


2.) Rating: 3/5. Review by Mayank Shekhar on Mid-Day

Kaabil Movie ReviewBut if you were to keep your eyes glued to the screen and follow the blind man’s graphite walking stick right down to the picture’s climax, I’m fairly certain you won’t be disappointed. Yeah, it is, for the most part, kaabil-e-tareef!


3.) Rating: 4/5. Review by Meena Iyer on Navbharattimes

इस फिल्म का मुख्य आकर्षण रितिक का दमदार परफॉर्मेंस है। वह एक प्रेमी और एक फाइटर के रूप में शानदार दिख रहे हैं। मूवी रेटिंग में आधा स्टार पूरी फिल्म में रितिक के शानदार परफॉर्मेंस के लिए। यामी ने भी शानदार प्रदर्शन किया है। टेक्निकली भी फिल्म काफी बेहतरीन है, जिसके लिए सुदीप चटर्जी (कैमरा) और रेसुल पुकुट्टी (साउंड) को विशेष धन्यवाद।


4.) Rating: 4/5. Review by Meena Iyer on Times of India

The highlight of the film is Hrithik’s bravura performance. He is vulnerable as a lover and menacing as a killing machine. Half a star in the movie-rating is reserved for his all-time best performance here. Yami provides the perfect foil, subtle and super-effective.


5.) Rating: 4/5. Review by Tushar P Joshi on Bollywood Life

Kaabil is Hrithik Roshan‘s career best performance. Watch and marvel at what can easily be termed as the finest performance to come out of Bollywood in a long time.


6.) Rating: 4/5. Review by SARITA A TANWAR on DNA

Kaabil is a formula film and at the same time, far removed from it. Revenge is one of Bollywood’s favorite themes. Hrithik too has tasted success with it in Agneepath. Kaabil is old-school, emotional and forceful. And an absolute must for all Hrithik Roshan fans. And if you aren’t his fan, you might feel differently after this film.

Compare Raees vs Kaabil Movie Review by All Critics
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