Salman Khan Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Bollywood movie review presents the some important details about Salman Khan for her fans. In this post, we shared Salman Khan workout routine, Salman Khan diet plan and bodybuilding tips at here.


Salman khan is very intense for his workout and diet plan so who has inspired many with his body. Sometimes Salman Khan is very busy but he never miss his workout. He may choose exercise at 2 Am in midnight.


Salman Khan Workout Routine

We already seen Salman Khan body in Wanted, Veer, Kick and latest in Sultan. Manish Advilkar is Salman Khan Gym trainer.

Salman is very hardworking guy in gym. He does 2000 sit-ups, 1000 push-ups, or 500 abdominal crunches daily. He trains for a minimum of 3 hours each day. While in the gym, he concentrates on exercising his abs, biceps, and triceps.


Salman Khan Monday/Wednesday/Friday Workout Routine


Salman foucs on weight training.

  1. Warmup, Jumping and push ups.
  2. Bench Press
  3. Shoulder push press
  4. 6 Sets of 10-12 Reps for Chest and 6-7 Reps for arms.
  5. Running on treadmill.


Salman Khan Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday Workout Routine

  1. Salman start with treadmill running.
  2. Abs exercise like crunches, reverse crunches, back extensions.
  3. Sit-ups 1000 times
  4. Salman does cardio for 1 hour.



Salman Khan Diet Plan

Salman Khan takes around 3000 calories in a day. He loves protein rich protein rich diet like chicken, eggs, fish, etc. Salman said

“Workout is just 20% of your body. What is more important is your diet.”

Let’s look at the Salman Khan diet plan



Salman Khan Diet Chart

salman kha diet plan



4 egg whites with low-fat milk

2 egg whites, amino acid tablets, protein shake.
Post workout

Almonds, oats, 3 egg whites, protein bar.

Veggies with salad, 5 chapatis.

Protein bar, nuts including almonds.

Vegan soup, fish/chicken, 2 egg whites.



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